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Resources for an Expansive Job Search: Humanities & Social Sciences

Compiled by Anne Mitchell Whisnant, Ph.D.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

(updated 2/26/2023)

This page includes a mix of sites that discuss larger issues involved in converting graduate training in the humanities or social sciences to a nonacademic career, and sites that include job listings.  Because individuals’ career trajectories can be so varied, a big part of successfully transitioning from graduate school to satisfying employment involves plugging into the broader conversation about the wide range of careers actually pursued by those with this training.  While many of these resources are specifically geared to some of the problems faced by those with Ph.D.s, much of their advance is relevant and valuable to those with master’s degrees who either seek employment, or who are considering continuing to the Ph.D.

Big-Picture Resources

New Media/Social Networks

  • University Affairs Canada has a large presence on YouTube, with a series of recorded panel conversations like the one we are having today.  Check it out at  http://www.youtube.com/user/universityaffairsca.  Search the channel for “non-academic.”
  • On Twitter, you can follow the #altac hashtag (alternate academic careers) for lots of information on non-faculty careers in academe and the cultural/nonprofit sector.  #postac and #WithaPhD also sometimes have posts.

Some Sample Field-Specific Resources and/or Job Resources (Certainly not comprehensive!)


Career Paths beyond the Faculty for Humanities & Social Sciences

Workshop I gave at the University of Central Florida, March 2012


 Additional Resources for Orlando workshop.


  1. Kevin Hawkins

    You might add http://www.alt-academix.com/ to this list.

  2. Anne Whisnant

    Added! Thank you.

  3. Kevin Hawkins

    You might add a link to http://fromphdtolife.com/resources/ .

  4. Kevin Hawkins

    You might add a link to http://chronicle.com/article/You-Dont-Have-to-Love-Your/144709/ .

  5. Kevin Hawkins

    Sorry for clogging up your comments, but I just came across another resource: http://thesiswhisperer.com/2015/09/16/from-scholar-to-dollar/

  6. Kevin Hawkins

    Another suggestion: https://www.imaginephd.com/

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